How do I activate my MTV TRAX SIM?
Pop your MTV TRAX SIM in to your phone, start making a call and choose an option to top up £15.
I have topped up my SIM, how do I get the MTV TRAX app?
Text MTV to 150 to receive your unique, free, MTV TRAX app link ... tap the link > download > get listening. Easy!.
Do I need to be an EE customer to get the MTV TRAX SIM?
No way! We want to share the love! Anyone can get the MTV TRAX SIM! Click here to order now.
If I am an EE customer, can I switch to this tariff?
Of course, you can order a new SIM at but you may want to compare your existing plan vs the MTV TRAX offer to decide what works best for you..
Can I keep my number?
If you're moving to EE from another network and want to keep your number, you can.
Request your PAC (Port Authorisation Code) from your current mobile provider and then tap here to complete the form online. PAC codes are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.
Then go ahead and activate your MTV TRAX SIM with EE, by topping up at least £15 on the SIM supplied in the new SIM pack - using the number supplied. This number is temporary and will be replaced by your existing number when the transfer is complete.
To find more information on transferring your number, tap here..
How long will it take to transfer my number to EE?
If you submit the online form before 17.30 on a working day, your number will be transferred the next working day. If it's after 17.30 on a working day, or if your request is made on Saturday or Sunday, please allow two working days to complete the transfer, excluding Bank Holidays.
Will MTV TRAX be my new mobile provider?
No, your mobile provider will be EE. However, your new SIM will give you free premium access to all the music on MTV TRAX. If you need more info on your network, tariff or connectivity, dial 150 from your mobile, or 07953 966 250 from a landline.
Do I top up as normal?
Yes, top up your SIM by at least £15 each month to refresh all the benefits of the MTV TRAX SIM. Click here to find out all the ways to top up.
What happens if I top up less than £15?
You'll need to top up at least £15 a month to keep your premium access to MTV TRAX and your full 7GB of data. Anything less and you lose your music and extra data.
Can I order multiple SIMs?
Yes, you can! Tap here to order more.
I have a monthly contract. Can I still get the MTV TRAX SIM?
The MTV TRAX SIM is a Pay As You Go bundle and is not available on monthly contract however, if you cancel your contract or it runs out you can order an MTV TRAX SIM on Pay As You Go. Click here to order now.
Can I buy the MTV TRAX SIM in a store?
You can! You'll see the MTV TRAX SIM packs in a selection of independent retailers, major high street stores and mobile phone distributors.
How do I get my free MTV TRAX?
Once you've popped in your SIM and topped up £15, text 'MTV' to 150 to receive your unique, free, MTV TRAX app link ... tap the link > download the app > get listening. Easy!
I am having network/calling/technical issues. Who should I contact?
If you need help with MTV TRAX, please email

For network issues please dial 150 from your mobile, or 07953 966 250 from a landline.


What is MTV TRAX?
MTV TRAX is MTV's must-have music app for your mobile that automatically updates playlists packed with the music you love, chosen for you by MTV. Expect to hear music of the moment from the MTV Top 30, hot hits and new releases, songs you've heard on shows like Geordie Shore and Ex On The Beach plus new release albums, Club MTV mixes, workout tunes, party playlists and daily themes. You'll also get breaking news, gossip and exclusive interviews from MTV's world of music and entertainment.
How does MTV TRAX work?
We make it easy! We deliver fresh tunes to your mobile overnight - just wake up and press play every day! You can set your update for Wi-Fi or mobile data and then everything is ready to play instantly, offline! No limits, no ads, no streaming, no big data bills! Browse the playlists and choose your favourites to create your own and share what you love listening to on your social sites.
I have the MTV TRAX SIM, how do I get the app?
Once you've activated and topped up your SIM, text ‘MTV' to 150 to receive your unique, free, MTV TRAX app link. Follow the link, download the app, get listening. Easy!
Can I keep all the songs in MTV TRAX forever?
You'll have unlimited access to the songs in the MTV TRAX playlists for as long as they're in the app. When playlists are refreshed, songs that are replaced with newer tracks will no longer be available. While a song is in the app, you have the option to purchase it from your usual music stores.
Will it cost me extra to get MTV TRAX premium access?
No way! If you've topped up at least £15 for the SIM pack, your premium access to MTV TRAX is absolutely free!
How often do I need to top up to keep MTV TRAX Premium?
Top up at least £15 every month and we'll keep the music playing!
I subscribe to MTV TRAX. Will I continue to be charged?
MTV TRAX has no contract so you should unsubscribe to make sure you do not get charged.


How do I get my 7GB data?
It's Simple. Pop the SIM in your phone and top up at least £15. Your EE Everything Pack will take effect - boosted by the MTV TRAX special which raises your data allowance from 2GB to a massive 7GB. Top up £15 every month to keep getting your free 5GB data boost.
How long will I get 7GB of data for?
The MTV TRAX free data boost is valid for at least 6 months. The extra 5GB of data will show in the Free Boosts section of your 'My EE Account' at Or get the 'My EE app' - text App to 150.
I don't have my 7GB of data - what happened?
If you've activated your MTV TRAX SIM and topped up at least £15 but your 7GB of data hasn't kicked in, please dial 150 from your mobile, or 07953 966 250 from a landline.
What happens when the special offer ends - will I lose all my data?
No, you'll continue to enjoy 2GB of data as part of the EE Everything pack as well as unlimited texts, 500 minutes and EE's 50% faster 4G.
My new SIM card isn't working - what do I do?
You may need to unlock your phone... it's straight forward...
- If your phone is currently locked to EE, call 150 for free.
- If your phone is unlocked, please call 07953 966 250.
- To unlock a phone from any other network, contact your current provider:
> Orange users: put your Orange SIM back in your phone and dial 450.
> T-Mobile users: call 07953 966 250.
> For any other network, please contact your service provider.
How do I check my balance?
Text AL to 150.


I don't have the MTV TRAX SIM, how do I get the MTV TRAX app?
Easy! Go to to install for free, or search on your App Store.